Welcome to my spot on the internet. It is here where I share many of the projects and creations I have come up with!

As a keen Programmer and someone who loves to dabble with Electronics, I have created what I believe to be a truly amazing system in my room for controlling everything from Lights to reading out my Emails and even an RFID based Security System!

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Over the past few years I have been slowly developing my programming skills by building some-what practical projects in my room. At first I started with the basics - LED's and buttons mainly. Now, I have taught myself how to communicate with a wide array of electronics components thought methods such as I2C and SPI. Combining this with my ever expanding understanding of HTML, CSS, JS and PHP I am able to build web interfaces for controlling everything I make. Having recently focussed my attentions I have created a back-end for all of my sites so that they are easier to maintain and update without too much hassle. As with everything in programming it seems that setting things such as this up takes a lot of effort but once done everything becomes much easier in the future. I am now able to use databases quite well and I hope to do a lot more in terms of data logging and sorting for all of the metrics that my various projects collect. Watch this space!

Callum Inglis // 20-06-2017

Below is a selection of some of the projects that I have created

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This is the at the beating heart of what I have created. Everything I make connects to my dual-server in my room and can do everything from telling me the weather to turning devices on and off and everything inbetween. More recently I have set up a HA Bridge to enable me to interface with my automation systems from my Echo Dot! Often I run all of my programs on this server for several weeks during the development and testing stages before deploying them onto a 24hr uptime server.



Situated just outside my room, this basic looking box is the passageway that is used to interface with the security system that I have built for my room. Equipped with an RFID card reader as well as a physical key switch I can easily lock my room both in person and from anywhere else in the world - again through my automation system. Did I mention that should someone break in, an alarm goes off in my room along with a picture of the intruder being emailed to myself?!



I made this website after realising how useful it could be for showing people what I have managed to achieve whilst simultaneously gaining more experience from the process! This did take longer to develop that I had originally intended but it is finally here! Check back soon for a post of how I created the site...



This started as a bit of an aside project when I decided to buy a £2 LCD display for my Pi. I decided that it could be a good idea to have some sort output from my system as I keep adding more to it and debugging becomes more difficult. It also displays my emails as well as notifying me of any changes to the devices in my room.


Multiplexed 7-Segment Display

As a small aside project I have decided to learn about 'multiplexing' the GPIO pins of the Pi to allow me to control multiple LED's (In this case 7-segment Displays) with a fraction of the number of pins that would normally be required! This was great fun and I learned a lot, as is usually the case in these sort of projects!

Websites that I have built

As a joint project between my two advanced higher subjects this year - Maths and Computing - I am building an app and website to help me along the way including quizzes and course notes. Check back soon to see when it goes live!

My aunt makes and sells hand-made bags and I thought a website would be useful for her. So naturally, I made one and here it is. Feel free too have a look!

Recently I have started working at Dales Cycles in Glasgow and I have just finished developing a site for the Workshop. Customers can log in, book their bike in for repair, see any work that they have had done previously and get email reminders and updates with the jobs status. A blog post will be coming soon so look out for that!

Check out the new Bellsmyre Digital website which I made in collaboration with Laura from Spun Labs!